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One on one training is recommended for those who are in need of specific guidance, attention, and aren’t comfortable performing exercises alone. Each training session will consist of a workout that has been uniquely designed for your goal and fitness level.

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Are you looking to enhance your Lady curves or you recently put to bed and looking to gain back
your looks?
Look no further as Fit Goddess Training got you covered!
As the name implies, you can achieve that body of a GODDESS!
That’s right, we pride ourselves with results-driven exercises to achieve maximum results.

As a
former pro competitor; mom of 2, with years of personal training experience, along with my team, we are well equipped with all the knowledge
required to transform any female body type to an absolute head-Turner.
We don’t just focus on the looks; we strive to help improve your overall lifestyle and healthy living.
Your fitness and lifestyle goals become ours once you join our membership.
Fit Goddess Training provides all aspects of physical training, which includes:
One on One, Group and Online training programs, as well as Bodied Band Camp for an all-round
What are you waiting for? Sign up and start building that banging body you desire today!

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Growing your glutes is not just about having a donkey booty! There actually a lot of long term benefits when growing the glutes.

Your glutes are the largest and by far the most important group of muscles in your body. And no, that isn't because strong glutes look great, it's because they consist of three muscles that work together to abduct, rotate and extend the hip making them vital to everyday movements.

Strong glutes :

  • Support the lower back

  • Help prevent pain and injury

  • Improves your athletic performance

  • Aids with fat loss and maintenance

  • And of course they LOOK GOOD


Come join the #1 Glute camp using only Bands and Weights focusing on strengthening, and building those glutes.

All you need is a mat & be ready to work that booty!


All you need is a mat & be ready to work that booty!




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