The Greater Flexibility Stretch Program was created to help increase your flexibility in your hips and hamstrings while also improving your range of motion. The basic stretches provided in this program will not only help you to relieve some of the lactic acid build up which creates the feeling of soreness in our bodies after workouts but will also aid in making workout positions such as squatting and lunging more efficient for you. Keep in mind that Greater Flexibility can be achieved by anyone. With efficient daily practice and consistency this program will work for you and you will see your best results. 


Program Includes:


  • 2 Monthly Calendars to track stretching progress

  • Leg Stretches: The leg stretches presented will help improve your straddle, middle and side splits.

  • Hip Stretches: These stretches were created to help improve your hip flexibility while also improving the range of motion of your hip flexors. 

  • Extra Assisted Stretches: These stretches will aid in gauging where you are in your splits as well as assist you in improving them. 


The Greater Flexibility Plan by Flexibility Coach Eriel Eaglin

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